Cape Town – A new initiative aims to kickstart a series of important conversations about South Africa’s brand identity.

The South African Brand Summit & Awards seeks to provide a platform for discussions about branding and brand management in the public and private sectors. It will also look at how local and global brands that operate in South Africa contribute to the country’s brand narrative.

It has been reasoned that countries have branding as part of their DNA and the identity of a country reflects its people, institutions and values,” according to reputation specialist & project convenor Solly Moeng.

The South African Brand Summit & Awards will initiate and lead conversations about our nation’s brand; the attributes that make us proud, as well as the opportunities that remain to improve on our best efforts to progress in an increasingly global and complex world,” he explained.

This initiative will provide an opportunity to reflect on how to effectively distinguish our best assets in-order-to burnish domestic stability, attract investment and achieve sustainable development.”

The theme of the inaugural South African Brand Summit & Awards is “Recapturing the South African narrative”. The two-day event is set to take place on 16 and 17 November at the Cape Town International Concention Centre.

The summit will address issues in business, politics and community that have any form of impact on South Africa’s image as a nation brand, domestically and globally. The “community” basket of discussions will include issues like sports, the health care system, education and community builders.

A view of South Africa from abroad

A final discussion panel will consist mainly of international experts who will shed light on how they see South Africa as a nation brand. They will also provide insights on best practice in nation brand building and reputation management.

The outcome of the two-day summit will be a document that we intend to share with Brand South Africa – which we hope will partner with us in the summit – that will contribute to informing its country image management strategies going forward.”

The summit will culminate in a gala dinner awards event to celebrate the brands that make South Africa shine.

Original Article : Fin24