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Awards are given to any natural person, company, organisation or group which were nominated by the public who feel they represent the South African brand.

Awards Categories

  • Corporate Brand Contributor

  • SMME and Startup Brand Contributor

  • Citizen Brand Contributor

  • NGO Brand Contributor

  • Global South African Corporate Brand Contributor

  • Political Brand Contributor

  • Public Governance Brand Contributor

  • Media Brand Contributor

  • Public Intellectual Brand Contributor

Nomination Criteria

  • SA Brand ambassadorship, locally and abroad

    • South African origin
    • Promote South African Products & Services
    • Reflects South African values in global conduct (as per Constitution)
    • Ethical leadership
    • Attracts positive interest in Republic of South Africa
    • Drives positive media coverage about and / the South African industry
  • Socio-economic development

    • Invests in South African manufacturing
    • Promotes local skills development
    • Environment best practice
    • Supports Non-Profit Organisations
    • Promotes youth development
  • Embraces and promotes diversity

    • Build bridges between communities
    • Promotions opportunities for nation building
  • Position South Africa as a leader in …

    • Innovation
    • Research
    • Global Benchmarking

Judges Panel

Tshepo Matseba
Tshepo MatsebaCorporate Reputation & Brand Strategist
Financial Services & ICT Sectors
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Lolly Chibi
Lolly ChibiGlobal Corporate Marketing Manager
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Mia Azam
Mia AzamSenior Communication Manager
Woolworths Financial Services
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John Binns
John BinnsChartered Marketer
John Binns Marketing
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